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Bulk SMS Kobo is Nigerian most reliable web based platform that can deliver SMS messages to any Mobile network globally. Our bulk SMS gateway is finely tuned to deliver the fastest and most reliable SMS messaging compared with other Bulk SMS Providers. Send bulk text via our web interface is very fast and simple. Open your Free account today with us and get Free SMS credit unit to test our platform. And check our Pricing Section to purchase cheap SMS unit or contact us if you need any techbnical assistant.


Short Message Service (SMS) is a service that enables someone to send text message from his or her phone to friends, relatives, associates and so on. It is also possible to send text message via the internet using an SMS enabled online system. SMS is becoming more popular day by day as it has been noted to be one of the most effective way of communicating to people that belong to the same group or have common interest and for marketing or promoting products/services. The process of mass messaging is often referred to as bulk SMS messaging.

SMS has made it possible to reach people in few seconds and place information directly “in the palm of their hand”. The recipient's direct response to such information has been noted to be very high.


Today, modern technology is moving towards the future of the wireless web. Mobile devices such as palmtops, hand-held’s, and mobile phones are becoming all the rage. People want these devices they have to do everything including accessing their e-mail accounts, browsing the Internet, accessing  their personal and corporate information  at all time etc. All these new innovation and development is what lead to the new generation of SMS messaging. Bulk SMS for short simply means the ability to send one single Message to large Numbers of recipients in which each recipients receive/gate the sent Message almost at the same time on their cell phone. It is like communicating to 100 of people with just a click of a button. To send Bulk SMS, you need an SMS Gateway Provider, The Message and the Numbers you want to send the Massage to.You can take a looke at the diagram below for clearer picture and understaning of how Bulk SMS work.


(1) You can schedule multiple messages for future delivery.

 (2) both notepad file and Excel file is compatible with our bulk sms website, we recomend you  always prepare your recipients phone numbers on a notepad, which you can either copy from the notepad and paste in the recipients box on the "COMPOSE SMS" page. you can upload from an Excel following our guide on your SMS account .

(3) The acceptable phone format is either 234xxx or 080xxx. Numbers must be separated with commas or type each number on  different line.

(4) GLO is blocking messages with a phone number in the message body. Kindly reformat the phone number like these 081 363 367 446 in the message body to avoid been discarded by GLO network. You should note that your recipient numbers is not affected by this.

You can check more feature of our Platform at the down section below.

How To Send Bulk SMS at Cheapest Rate

To get started, you will need to get an account with our online SMS system like Sending bulk SMS is done online most of the time. Though, it is possible to send text message through someone's phone but if you need to send text message to about 500 to 1000 people, you will discover that it won't be easy to use handset to do that.

 ~ Log on to our website with your computer or mobile phone

~ Click on create account located at the first right hand side of your screen or at the Menu navigation bar or click here to directly go to our sign up page

~ Type in your details like name, valid email, password and click on Register.

~ Log on to your email and activate your account by clicking on the link that we sent there.(NOTE: if didn't see any email in your inbox, check your "SPAM BOX" to see the message for your confirmation link.)

~ After clicking the link and activating your account come back here and Login  with your email and password that you used to open your account.

~ When the free unit we assign to your account is exhausted, you can start to buy at a very cheap price. You can also buy online by typing in the number of UNITS you want to buy and clicking BUY NOW on our site and following the steps as guided on the purchasing screen on our site. Note that we support all Card types like Verve, Visa, Master, Entransact, Pockect Moni, and our payment solution is powered by interswitch so you payment is secure and we do not disclose your card to a third party.

~ When you want to pay to the bank, use your e-mail address as the depositor so that you can easily be credited once your payment is confirmed. Login to your account and click on the Bank Details under SMS Portal to get our Bank Details and follow the instruction.

~ After you have funded your SMS Account with SMS Credit, you can now send sms to as many numbers as you wish.



1.SMS SCHEDULE: For automatic Bulk SMS delivery at later time. You can set up multiple schedules at a time and let our system do the rest.

2.AUTOMATIC REMOVAL OF DUPLICATE NUMBERS: This helps you to avoid wasted SMS credit

3CUSTOMIZED SMS: This Option helps you to pick column from CVS (Excel) Files

4CUSTOMIZED SENDER ID: Unique Seder ID which help you to Brand your message using your Personal, Company, Organization Name. No Limitation on the numbers of Sender ID to use.

5.BULK SMS API: For developer  and end users to integrate our SMS platform on their application or website

6. BUY SMS ONLINE : Buy SMS online using your ATM card and get credited instantly

7.DELIVERY REPORT: Download and see the Delivery Reports of all sent message

8.IINSTANT DELIVERY REPORT: You get instant delivery report of all Sent Messages just immediately after the message got delivered

9.ACCEPT ALL NUMBER FORMAT: You can type any number format like 080, 23480 on your recipient colunm.

10. PHONE-BOOK: Inbuilt phone book which help you to upload large batch of numbers for future message. Upload your phone numbers online, so you don’t have to keep entering them every time you want to send SM using our Phone-Book Upload feature.

11.LIFE TIME SMS: Your SMS Unit do not expire

12: FREE SMS BONUS: You get 4 Unit of SMS credit to test our Delivery Gateway immediately you sign up for an account with us

13. 24 HOURS CUSTOMER SUPPORT: You can call on us Day and Night to lay your complain if you have any issue while using our platform

14. UNIQUE AND SIMPLE: Our SMS platform is very simple and easy to navigate.

15. SMS RESEND: This allows you to resned your sent message at a later day

16.SMS FORWARD: This allows  you to forward your sent SMS message to another recipient

                                                                          Ready get started click here to register


1.Register for free SMS account @  by clicking on REGISTER tab at the Top Bar or at the the right handside

2. Check your email to activate your account and login to your sms account to activate FREE SMS UNIT that will be sent to you.

3. login to your account with the email and password you registered with. You can see the Login at the Top Right handsid under Memebr Area.

4. Click on compose sms on the SMS menu  at the top right hand side when you Login into your account

6. Fill in your customized SENDER ID e.g BULK SMSKOBO

7. Fill in your RECIPIENTS NUMBERS OR select the phonebook group or upload it directly from your computer using notepad

8. Type in your message and choose either to send it later or deliver it later

9. Its always on a safer side to test run the message you want to send out to the recipients by sending to yourself first and confirm the delivery.(preferably an MTN line)

10. Click on send SEND button

                                                                   NEED HELP/REQUEST/ENQUIRES:

Mobile: 08136367446 (Call Time:24 Hours (Mon-Sunday)